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On June 1st, I will kayak the Ohio River from Pittsburg to Cincinnati (470 miles).  I will finish on Father’s Day which is very intentional as you’ll read below.  Why on earth would you do that?  Great question! 

On October 16th 2014, I embarked on a cross country bike ride to help families struggling to pay for their cancer bills.  We raised over $30,000 and contributed the money to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  I said yes to that adventure because I’m a cancer survivor and felt an undeniable invitation from God to help others who were devastated by cancer.  I wanted to show my community that we can CONQUER our giants in life.  For me the giant was the mental, physical, emotional and financial obstacles that come with cancer.  Riding my bike 3,000 miles in 39 days felt like an unconquerable giant, but Goliath fell because I had a strong WHY: To creatively encourage, inspire and financially support families struggling with their unique cancer battles.

Starting on June 1st, I’ll be running towards this giant again as a tribute to my father who I lost to cancer on December 26, 2018. I’ve replaced the road and bicycle with a river and kayak but the WHY hasn’t changed. It’s only deepened. The wound from losing my Dad makes this a different adventure. I’m seeking to bring encouragement to my family and friends in a creative way and to remind us that we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS no matter the adversity.

My goal is to find multiple families to support in addition to encouraging and inspiring others who are on a similar road.  If you know of a family that is devastated by cancer, we would love to help them. Please email us at